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A value chain and sustainability initiatives analysis melissa murphy, university of connecticut, stamford ct usa timothy j. Value chain analysis of ethiopian coffee coffea arabica. Value chain analysis from coffee farmers to exporters ijsrp. The objective of this paper is to analyze the quality and value chain of ethiopian coffee in a way to identify opportunities that maximize the benefits from the sector. Pdf assessment of ethiopian coffee supply and value. After collection of data from interview and desk study, the analysis is done by value chain analysis. Amaro, coffee, production, value chain and mlr model. The birthplace of coffee, ethiopia is home to some of the finest coffees in the world. Ethiopia coffee industry value chain analysis usaid compete 2010 profiling the actors, their interactions, costs, constraints and opportunities. Background coffee is the most important agricultural commodity in ethiopia both. The coffee sector is an important sector in which to. Dowding, university of connecticut, stamford ct usa abstract this paper examines starbucks corporate strategy of sustainable efforts in ethiopia, particularly in the sustainable sourcing arabica coffee.

Coffee value chain actors, constraints and opportunities. Coffee production in ethiopia is a longstanding tradition which dates back to dozens of centuries. Ethiopian coffee production and its productivity level are unsatisfactory to uphold the countrys. Analysis of coffee quality along the coffee value chain in jimma zone, ethiopia article pdf available in african journal of agricultural research 29. Structure, governance and sustainability of the value chain element 3. Chain mapping is used to show the value chain of coffee in the. Opportunities and obstacles in the value chain element 4. The study tries to look at coffees markets of supply and demand in relation to other countries and other ethiopian exports with their amount in volume measured in weight and value measured by price in usd. Ethiopia coffee industry value chain analysis usaid. Constraints and opportunities in the coffee supply chain. Pdf important changes have happened to the upstream segment of the coffee sector.

Value chain analysis for the coffee sector in rwanda. Coffee production in ethiopia is practiced using four different systems of cultivation. A thesis submitted to the addis ababa university, school of. Possible interventions and support activities in the value chain limitations specialty coffee is not well defined, and each market and sometimes even each buyer has a slightly different. What benefit does fair trade certified cooperatives bring to the producers. Value chain map was to depict the coffee value chain in ethiopia explicitly. Pdf analysis of coffee quality along the coffee value. It concluded that, coffee production, processing, marketing value chain. The plant is now grown in various parts of the world. Total sample size is 322 drawn from target woredas and said to be fair as. The majority of ethiopia s coffee comes from small plantations, which make up about.

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