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A wish novel willow falls book 1 kindle edition by mass, wendy. The secret language of birthdays is part of a series of books by gary goldschneider, who used astrology, numerology, and pure psychic intuition to create a unique compilation of advice, life. Discussion questions for 11 birthdays by wendy mass with images. Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more. Wendy mass is the author of awardwinning books for young readers, including 11 birthdays, finally, gifts, the last present, and the twice upon a time series. Weve rounded up the best childrens books about birthdays. The book of birthdays begins with a general outline of the characteristics of each sun sign archetype. On their tenth, they learned there are some words you can never take back.

I like how it is broken down into vocabulary and comprehension questions. What evidence from the book hinted that angelina was somehow involved in repeating their birthdays. How well do you know the book what birthday did amanda and leo have a fight. The most important part of 11 birthdays is the the day after their birthday. Wendy mass is the new york timesbestselling author of the candymakers series and many other novels for young readers, including the schneider family book award winner a mango shaped space, jeremy fink and the meaning of life which was made into a feature film, every soul a star, pi in the sky, the twice upon a time series, and the willow falls series that began with 11 birthdays. When they were one they learned to walk, and when they were five they painted homemade pots and planted seeds. When she relizes that shes not the only one going through this she feels more comfortable but only a little, find out who is going through this with her and what happens next. Chantelle roddy books april 6, 20 how well do you know the story of 11 birthdays by wendy mass take this quiz to find out. Oodles of fictional characters have fictional birthdays.

This hilarious novel from awardwinning author wendy mass is now available on audio. Free 11 birthdays worksheets and literature unit for teachers. Dec 5, 2012 discussion questions for 11 birthdays by wendy mass. It is about her and her ex bff he is a dude and no they do not have a crush on each other going through some magicle happenings. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and criminals were born on february 11. Although they love people, they have the temperament of a. Amandas eleventh birthday should be a happy occasion. One their fifth, they planted seeds in handmade pots. Sadly, i had this book in my book bag and somehow on the way home from work, in the back seat of my car, my water bottle leaked its remaining all over four books, including this one. In this slowpaced middleschool friendship saga, mildly spiced with a bit of fantasy, readers meet amanda and leo, best friends who have spent every birthday together since day one.

Choose from 396 different sets of 11 birthdays flashcards on quizlet. Amanda ellerby amanda ellerby is best friends with leo fitzpatrick. This is a quiz about my favorite book 11 birthdays. That is, until their tenth birthday party, at which amanda happens to overhear leo talking her down to some classmates. She has an older sister kylie and amanda has blonde hair. My dad was sick, and i didnt want to hug him, but i said thanks dad, and can i have a sleepover. For your reference, we provided these 11 birthdays quotes with page numbers using the following version of the book.

It is about this girl called amanda, she lives in willow falls. Its amandas 11th birthday and she is super excited after all, 11 is so different from. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. On their 5th, they planted seeds in hand made pots. Even though the book is from 2009, the entire series continues to be wellread at our. They realize that they would always be the best of. Its amandas 11th birthday and she is super excited. On the pop quiz, amanda msses the question about the stuffed animal. Eleven quiz 11 questions by aboonelms last updated.

After a big fight on their tenth birthday the two former friends wouldnt speak to each other. When amanda goes through her 11th birthday 10 more times than she wants too. The worst part of it all is that she and her best friend, leo, with whom she has the same birth date, are on the outs and this will be the first birthday they have spent apart. Groundhog day meets flipped in this tale of a girl stuck in her birthday. Kids wings activities for 11 birthdays by wendy mass. Rachel and max abby and john amanda and leo sasha and timothy previous. Leo has this awesome party including a band, hypnotist, and a football player, while amanda has a hollywood themed party, and shes stuck wearing an itchy dress and heels that give her blisters. Take a quiz on 11 birthdays originally written by wendy mass. Spinning off the popular groundhog day movie, 11 birthdays brings to life doovers for birthdays. And last year,on their 10th,they both learned that some words are more hurtful than others. A thin coating of blond fuzz on her head, a sweet smile on her lips. Though kind and generous people, july 11 cancers may not always appear to be on top of the world, because their happy nature is something they often keep within themselves.

Discussion questions for 11 birthdays by wendy mass 11. After celebrating their first nine sameday birthdays together, amanda and leo, having fallen out on their tenth and not speaking to each other for the last year, prepare to celebrate their eleventh birthday separately but peculiar things begin to happen as the day of their birthday begins to repeat itself over and over again. It is the first novel in the willow falls series the novel follows the life of a young girl named amanda ellerby who has spent each of her first ten birthdays with the same boy, her best friend leonard leo fitzpatrick. On their 5th, they planted apple seeds of friendship, in homemade pots. Discussion questions for 11 birthdays by wendy mass scholastic. Read chapter two from the story 11 birthdays by sometimelastnight corina ward with 5,6 reads. Discussion questions for 11 birthdays by wendy mass. Nistha selwal wendy mass should honestly really make another fantasy book. The table of contents makes finding information quick and easy. S discussion questions for 11 birthdays by wendy mass. What are the mainmost important events in 11 birthdays by. This novel study teaching unit has everything that you will need to teach and assess the novel. Amanda goes back to cafeteria and gets her birthday cupcake and candle. Each named for a greatgreat grandparent, amanda ellerby and leo fitzgerald are born on the same in the same birthing center.

This is a 102 page commoncore aligned no prep novel study for the first book in wendy masss willow falls series, 11 birthdays. What costume does amanda wear for her 11th birthday party. Amanda is in the 5th grade with stephanie her new best friend and leo her old best friend. The had their birthdays together and replaced the vase that held the apple plant. Amanda has a best friend called leo yes, he is a boy, they celebrated all their birthdays together because they were borned on the same day. Your classroom will become a place of laughter and learning with 11 birthdays to look forward to everyday. They have had their birthday every year since they were little but since they are in a fight they dont this year. In the book 11 birthdays by wendy mass the two main characters amanda and leo get into a fight. Mother daughter book club book stuff good job enough is enough little sisters my passion childrens books classroom ideas books to read. Free 11 birthdays worksheets and literature unit for.

I was going through some old files and found the plan for a book club another librarian and i did together last summer, for the book 11 birthdays by wendy mass. Find out which fictional character shares your birthday. Famous birthdays on february 11 part 2 on this day. Unbeknownst to them, their greatgreatgrandfathers carried on a legendary feud that turned town upside down until they ended it, instantly and mysteriously, and were friends for the rest of their lives. Every sign is subdivided into three equal segments called decanates or decans. Learn 11 birthdays with free interactive flashcards. This book is narrated by amanda my favorite character. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading 11 birthdays.

Final book quiz with answer key hobbies for older men. The day of amanda and leos birthday they dont go so great so they just tag along that day. Free 11 birthdays study unit worksheets for teachers to print. Amanda and leo havent talked since their 10th birthday. Buy a cheap copy of 11 birthdays book by wendy mass. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

In the nice icy land, tacky the penguins friends have been busy planning a surprise birdday party for him, complete with presents, cake, fish ice cream and a surprise dance number by iglooslavias twinklewebs the dance queen. A decanate is a different vibration of the three signs and their ruling planets associated with the element fire, earth, air or water from which they form a part. In an extreme overreaction, she flees the party and cuts leo out of her life. Day 11 chapter ashley becvar amanda throws alarm clock out the window amanda makes periodic table for bee boy amanda calls leo talk about why it is still their birthday after do all those good things and made up amanda gives her dad the get well bag again amanda makes sure mom and kylie get the right posterspresentations. How well do you know the book 11 birthdays by wendy mass.

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