Digidown vu download device agent

Please note you will also require an analysis software system to be able to read and report on the data. This is mainly due to the amount of data stored on the vu and the fact that the download speed is limited by the tachograph unit. New smart tachographs have arrived arrow to the right. Easytac vu digidown data downloader devices plug into the vehicle. This convenient, portable device downloads data directly from multiple digital tachograph vehicle units vu. The digidown device downloads data from digital tachograph. Downloads data both from vehicle units vu and from digital tachograph driver cards inserted in vu. Download the digidown connect app for android from the play store. This robust battery powered unit is compatible with all eu. Ets for all your tachograph solutions irishtrucker. However, devices such as the digidown have a button to download just the most recent data, thus reducing the download time to under 25 mins per vehicle. Lisle digidown blue operating instructions manual pdf.

Digidown plus combined vehicle download device shopfta. Digital tachograph 1 of 6 the road haulage association. All vu download all data stored in the vu as required by the tachograph regulations. Digital tachograph combined download device with bluetooth. The downloaded data appears on the sd card in the \ digidown \ vu or \ digidown \card directory depending on download type. System utilities downloads devid agent by devid and many more programs are available for instant and free download. View and download lisle digidown blue operating instructions manual online. Uses removable sd memory card offering easy transfer and. In a vdo test unit tachograph, 30 days of event data was downloaded in just 4. The bluetooth pairing code for the digidown blue is 6543. Digital tachograph download devices descartes systems uk ltd.

Bluebeam licenses are tied to the major version number e. This is not the video to view to download a digivu device. The digivu v4 is a low cost and easy to use handlheld digital tachograph vehicle unit vu download device. The digidown plus unit creates long filenames for each download, in the form of. The device connects directly to your pc via the included usb cable and data can be sent to convey tachograph using the convey desktop software. All vu download all the data stored in the vu including speed data latest vu download only the latest data in the vu. To set up a mobile phone for use with a digidown blue. Digidown plus tachograph downloading device tachodisc. Vu vehicle unit upload from an old digidown device tachomaster tachograph analysis. Digidown blue measuring instruments pdf manual download. The tachograph and smartcard data can be downloaded so the. Revu 2018 users should determine if they need the 64bit or. Digidown downloads data from digital tachographs and from driver cards inserted in tachographs.

Designed for easy downloading of digital tachograph data the download reader has three controls to make gathering information from the digital tachograph a simple. Combined download device that enables you to download driver card and vehicle unit data onto the digidown blue and send it remotely. I have a new user that cannot replace the temp password generated by the office 365 admin page other users have completed this procedure. Tachosys claim that it is the fastest digital tachograph download key available.

Digidown blue digital downloading device tachodisc. Digidown plus combined vehicle download device designed for downloading vehicle data from the digital tachograph or driver data directly from a digital. The digidown device downloads data from digital tachograph vehicle units. Digidown digital tachograph downloading device tachodisc. The digidown digital tachograph download tool is an easy to use vehicle unit download device. Digidown vu download device descartes systems uk ltd. The next 2 sections are the date and time of the download. Revu 12, 2017, 2018 or revu for mac 1 and edition standard, cad, extreme and are valid for all updates to this version. Vu vehicle unit upload from an old digidown device.

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