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The 4310 was developed by jbl in cooperation with leading recording studios to meet the need for a powerlul, yet compact, professional monitor. Descriptions of jbl mtc28wmg1 provided by its distributors. Jbl professional products repair kit goes into listing revision ar june 14, 2004 replaces rev. Kynix will provide you the global and original 2225h s stock information, reference price, package lot no. Lewing with jbl speakers technical data sheet revision c 30apr08. I never really used them but assume that the previous owner did. Jbl 2226hpl low frequency driver 8 ohm speaker exchange. I have written in the back of the nxamp write up my feelings on the sound quality compared to the other amplifiers. An unbeatable line up of por table sound r einforcement products from jbl professional. There are currently no manuals available to download for the tlx160.

Compared with traditional driver designs, jbls patented differential drive employs a pair of inline voice coils in separate magnetic gaps instead of a single voice coilgap configuration. Jbl s smallest monitor is designed primarily for the broadcast control room and edit booth, and has achieved wide acceptance in home studios, remote recording and quality control areas. I have listened to some speakers from nl advents, cambridge model 6, klh 17, polk, klipsch. Jbl has several brands around the world that may have alternate names for mtc28wmg1 due to regional differences or acquisition. I totally agree with you with about the jbl thing for old school tone. The back of the 2416 has 16 printed on it next to the 2416 and j as part of the main body reference description. So i recently rescued a few jbl 2225hs from a set of pa speakers that were being thrown out at a theatre i work at. Jbl 2800 techtalk speaker building, audio, video discussion. Lewing with jbl speakers printed in france 2008 screen research. Bottom left of the vote screen, theres a button show vote options. Jbl 2414h1 1 polymer diaphragm neodymium 363858001x. The 4310 was developed by jbl in cooperation with leading.

Page 2 200u 100u 20 hz 80 90 100 jbl consumer products 250 crossways park drive woodbury, ny 11797 voice. If you have any documentation for this model, for example owners manual, service manual, brochure, advert etc, please consider donating a copy to our free archive. It is also equipped with a convenient noisecancelling speakerphone, allowing you to pick up calls without turning your speaker off. Jbl tlx160 manual 3way loudspeaker system hifi engine. I know it is an older driver and they have been succeeded by the 2226 of which i have some installed in jbl 4771 cabs, but i think they still are a solid driver. I have a bunch of these jbl drivers which i would like to put to good use.

Theyre loaded with f eatures brought over from jbls high end concert touring and liv e performance systems. Smooth, wide range response and low distortion are obtained from 200mm 8in low frequency and 36mm 1. Hey guys, i have a chance to buy some reconed jbl 2225h 15inch speakers. Mtc28wmg1 may also be known as the following names. Discussion in amps and cabs bg started by sunn200s, sep 3, 2009.

Im trying to get into jbl pro speakers, and going used is the most affordable, but scariest route. You will view the photos of products from stock suppliers. Your allinone speaker solution, the go streams music via bluetooth from smartphones and tablets, powered by a rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours of playtime. For critical sound reproduction in small to medium cinemas and studio production and post production applications. The jbl model 2225h j represents jbls latest engineering developments. If you have a jbl 2225h, and you want the classic sound that it had when it was new, then you need to recone your speaker with this kit. I have tried many models, they are pregnant references. Help please with vintage jbl 2225h speakers lansing heritage. This is a very smooth sounding amplifier with great bass performance. Jbl 2800 hi guys i have bought a pair of jbl 2800 speakers for 10 bucks at a thrift store and i cant find any specs. I have various ideas on what possible build projects they might become useful for. Well, jbl also recommends to cross a 2405 at 7khz, and this is not the. Ive been using them since the 60s and still enjoy their sound. Hey guys, ive just picked up a pair of these in good working order for a song not sure what to use them for yet.

Aftermarket recone kit to fit jbl 2225h and 2205h 15 8 ohm speakers. They are in perfect condition and i would like to use at least one in a home theatre subwoofer project, and was looking for a. All information in this document is based on the latest product information available at the time of printing. Threeway screenarray design for maximum output, optimal coverage, and minimum distortion. From the switchmode universal power supply to the efficient performance of crowns drivecore technology, we continue to set new standards in. The engineers will enjoy the small batch ordering service for 2225h from stock suppliers here. Jbl 2265hpl 338343003x 15 neo woofer parts express. Jul 15, 2014 i have written in the back of the nxamp write up my feelings on the sound quality compared to the other amplifiers.

My cabinet of choice right now is a 60s ampeg fliptop 2x15 loaded with alnico jbl 2205 speakers, the pa version of the k140. Jbl 2265hpl 338343003x 15 neo woofer jbls 2265hpl differential drive 15 woofer is a capable, durable, touringquality pa speaker. All recone kits are designed to meet or exceed the original specifications. Pretty sure j normally stands for 16ohm with jbl stuff and as it also had 16 clearly printed on the top circled next to the 2416 i assumed thats what it was. This highfrequency compression driver delivers crystal clear highs. Jbl 2225 8 ohm aftermarket recone kit cannon sound and light. The eamp is a big complex amplifier aimed at delivering very. So i recently rescued a few jbl 2225h s from a set of pa speakers that were being thrown out at a theatre i work at. Very close to the genuine article in both look and performance. Jbl datasheet, jbl pdf, jbl data sheet, jbl manual, jbl pdf, jbl, datenblatt, electronics jbl, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data sheet, datas sheets. Overall honesty integrating system will help you order 2225h with more confidence, please order 2225h. Years of experienc e went into making these pr oducts. These blow away the jbl 2225 their previous pro sound speaker.

Explore jbl mtc28wmg1 and discover alternative parts, cad models, technical specifications, datasheets, and more on octopart. The sensitivity with a 1 w input would he 30 db greater. Comes ready assembled in carton as pictured goes straight in. The parameters marked with an asterisk are the minimum set required for a complete lowfrequency system design. Search performance professional commercial studio classic.

Fit many models auction is for pair please look at pictures for actual. Jbl 2412h1 compression driver horn tweeters 8 ohm pair nice oem diaphragms had as back up. Please order adhesives separately if you need them. Im looking to purchase a pair of used vintage jbl 2225 speakers. Jbl synthesis hom e theater and music systems are designed and t custominstalleo duplicate the electrifyind g performance characteristics of acclaimed venues like the samuel goldwyn theater and the sydney opera house, but on a somewhat more intimate scale. Onepiece drop in 15 kit4 gasket segmentsdust cap1 oz black rubber cementcentering shim.

This kit features a cloth surround and ribbed cone, just like the original jbl2225s. What was missing was the special character of jbl speakers that drew me into this. Technical manual jbl2235h specifications 323892001 rev c. Jbl mtc28wmg weathermax replacement grille for control 28 black markertek. Now you can recone your jbl 2225h woofer yourself and save. Jbl 2226h 15 highpower lf driver 8 ohm parts express. Jan 05, 2011 hey all, hope everyone had some great holidays. Jbl professional thiele small low frequency driver parameters and definitions november 3, 2008 page 1 of 6 note. See repair adhesives please check the model of your speaker before ordering to be sure you receive the correct recone kit. Jbls smallest monitor is designed primarily for the broadcast control room and edit booth, and has achieved wide acceptance in home studios, remote recording and quality control areas.

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